Myanmar and Indonesia Workshops – June 2022

Our teacher from Indonesia will teach you how to make Indonesian chili sauce with dried shrimp paste and make them into a chili sauce that is suitable for any food.

Our guests will introduce the landmarks and characteristics of all the Myanmar states from the perspective of Burmese in Hong Kong, while also sharing their experiences and personal stories in Myanmar in the last 2 years.

SDG Summer Youth Programme Feedback!

在此謹感謝您的支持,各老師向學生推薦參與是次的 聯合國領袖訓練 體驗計劃 。 我們收到了來自11所學校,包括張祝珊英文中學、協恩中學、英華女學校、寶血會上智英文書院、浸信會呂明才中學、沙田培英中學等,共38名學生對本次活動的正面評價! 如果您希望將 聯合國領袖訓練體驗計劃帶到您的學校及其他學生,歡迎與本社聯繫!

Dialogue: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis 烏克蘭難民的日與夜

Our Ukrainian and Polish guests will share about the experience of their familiy members since 10 Feb 2022 and will talk about their personal experience of what they have been doing to help the Ukrainian refugee families. Our friend will also share what actions have been taken within the Ukrainian community in Hong Kong to Read more about Dialogue: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis 烏克蘭難民的日與夜[…]

Explore Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 探索哈薩克

What do you associate with the 9th largest country in the world? Perhaps the fresh air that blows gently through the steppe? Or maybe it’s the futuristic looking buildings of Nur-Sultan? Whether it is your first time hearing about Kazakhstan or you are a seasoned traveller in the Central Asia region, join us as our guests from Kazakhstan bring you on a virtual tour around their hometown and show you some local secrets.

Cultures of Wearing Mask

大家戴口罩勤洗手嘅同時,我哋仲問咗嚟自其他國家嘅Guest,以下節錄部分意見🤭 We asked our friends what do their cultures/countries think about wearing masks? Here is what some of replies we received: 尼泊爾🇳🇵Some of the cities such as Kathmandu have alot of dust and pollution, it’s pretty common in Nepal around most of the cities to see people wearing surgical masks or a filtered face mask. Read more about Cultures of Wearing Mask[…]

ICE I Capoeira Experience Workshop

  What is Capoeira? Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. It was developed in the beginning of African slavery in Brazil mainly by West Africans, in the 16th century. It was granted a status as “intangible cultural heritage” by Read more about ICE I Capoeira Experience Workshop

June 4th Incident: What is it?

Naming In Mainland China, the June 4th incident is often phrased as 1989年春夏之交的政治風波 (the political tempest that occurred between Spring and Summer in 1989) by the government. Western media and governments refers to it as the Tienanmen Incident or Massacre. The general course of events is phrased as the Democratic Movement of 1989 (八九民運). Historical Read more about June 4th Incident: What is it?[…]

Testimonial by 2017 IEP Taiwan Participant Gigi Chen
2017 IEP 台灣學員 Gigi Chen 感想

Joining this programme is the best experience of my learning ever. Why? Apart from making this vacation become meaningful, I see my potential future after these days. Due to a serious typhoon, the agenda is cut down into three days, which was more amazing that I could gain that much in the limited days. A Read more about Testimonial by 2017 IEP Taiwan Participant Gigi Chen
2017 IEP 台灣學員 Gigi Chen 感想