We are here to build a sustainable community that brings together like-minded young leaders to exchange knowledge, strengthen their leadership skills, and inspire them to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are thrilled to be working with passionate young minds from all walks of life to provide a safe space to test and execute their ideas, and be connected to experts, educators and global leaders in the community.

If you have an idea or passion project that would like to launch and would need some support, contact us!

Features and Benefits

  • Free office space
  • Monetary, logistic and branding support
  • Opportunities for exposure on TV and school network
  • Leadership role on CV
  • Opportunities to get in touch with local students in HK
  • Get to know and work with people from all around the world

“Enthusiastic world agents! They really know a lot about the world. Every conversation with the team and cultural sharers is mind blowing!! Popular amongst the children. 2 out 3 members are past TEDx speakers!”

— Muskaan
World Agent from India

“還記得有一年的暑假,ICE 給予我機會,組織跨文化精英訓練營,讓眾多來自外國和本地的年輕人,一連數天,互相交流自己國家的文化。從中,各位參加者和我都成為了朋友。要說甚麼是跨文化對話,莫過於此。”

— Tom Ho
World Agent from Hong Kong

ICE was one of the first avenues that helped me meet and interact with people from really diverse backgrounds. Over a period of around three years,the main outcome was that I became confident in connecting with people who were from vastly different backgrounds than me.

— Yusuf Rafique
World Agent from India

Case studies


Dear Hong Kong 鄉港家書

Aggie met her co-founder of Dear Hong Kong (DHK), Oskar, when Oskar first started volunteering with ICE in 2018. DHK is a photobook project that aims to bridge the foreign and local communities in HK and promote the diversity of the city through photos and stories.

ICE became the supporting organisation of the project to provide international network and promotion support through organising DHK related educational workshops and photo exhibition in local schools.


Monologue Pier | 獨白渡頭

Monologue Pier is a Hong Kong-based project where people are invited to tell their stories of different parts of the city. During one of the lunches in ICE office, Gerry showed Hugo an audiovisual project from Indonesia where each video talks about a personal story of a person at a specific place.

With much needed hope in Hong Kong, the founders decided to start Monologue Pier, a platform where the people living in Hong Kong can share how much this city means to them through their special stories.



Founded in 2017, DiverCITY is the first joint school student-led organisation in Hong Kong launched by ICE. With members from 26+ schools, the DiverCITY committee aims to raise awareness for underrepresented groups in Hong Kong to their peers through stories sharing and dialogue events.

World Agents


Sri Lanka

Suho Yi

South Korea



Joshua Cortes




Juan Carlos

Costa Rica

Hugo Chu

Hong Kong



Ethan Chan

Hong Kong



Melissa Leung


Akin Smith


Lincoln Wong

Hong Kong

Tien Yi

Hong Kong

Peter Youngblood