July 18, 2023

CIBS Programme: Festivals of Hong Kong’s Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic minorities make up about 8% of Hong Kong’s population, but how much do we really know them?This programme serve as an introduction to the different festivals that Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities may celebrate (eg. Dating Festival, Songkran). Similar festivals or beliefs will also be discussed and compared. At the same time, we will get a glimpse into the life of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and hear about how they celebrate their festivals in Hong Kong.


July 9
Mid-Autumn Festivals around Asia w/ Serra and Kazumi

July 16
Thailand: Songkran w/ Tone and Grace

July 23
Indonesia: Nyepi w/ Eva

July 30
Nepal: Tihar w/ Mohit

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August 6
India: Diwali w/ Sneha

August 13
India: Holi w/ Rohit and Anant

August 20
Pakistan: Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr w/ Fahad

August 27
Kazakhstan: Nowruz w/ Zhanna

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September 3
Christmas in Germany and France w/ Till and Valentin

September 10
Ireland: St Patrick’s Day w/ Dave

September 17
Dating Festival in Chad of Africa w/ Ali and Assan

September 24
USA: Thanksgiving w/ Eliot

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October 1
Venezuela: Carnival w/ Lili


Stephanie Gurung

Project Coordinator, Scriptwriter

Aggie Lam



Presenter (Host)

Jey Chan

Presenter (Co-host)

Till Kraemer

Presenter (Co-host)

Eliot Ames

Technical Producer

Hugo Chu


Eunice Chan


Frankie Li


Special Thanks:

Wave Music Studio – Addy Tsoi 
For providing professional, technical support, and for displaying genuine interest in the programme. 

CIBS Facilitator – Lester  
For his guidance throughout the whole project. 

Daniel Hemsworth
For his continuous support of the project from day one.

Regina Larko (from #Impact)
For providing useful advice and learning resources when kickstarting the project.