ICE’s Theory of Change

ICE aims to dismantle barriers to equitable global education access in Hong Kong schools, recognising that social inequality, DSE-focused curriculum, and ethnic segregation limit opportunities for students. We believe that fostering global relationships and connections is crucial for developing cultural sensitivity and a global mindset, empowering youth to become active global citizens.

Our programmes are structured into three main categories: Immerse, Connect, and Empower, catering to students across academic backgrounds. By bridging resource gaps and fostering a diverse and inclusive educational environment, we promote cross-cultural understanding and engagement.

Global education should be accessible to all, not just those attending international schools.
Every student in Hong Kong deserves the chance to become a global citizen.

What is Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is a comprehensive framework that outlines the causal pathways and logical connections between the activities, outcomes, and long-term goals of a programme or initiative, providing a roadmap for achieving desired social changes in a particular context. It helps to understand how and why specific actions and outcomes contribute to the overall impact and implementation.

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