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Level 1

Immerse: A Taste of Culture

To provide immersive cultural experiences, fostering an appreciation and understanding of diverse world cultures.

Cultural Art, Dance and Sports Workshops
Cultural Festivals and Global Assembly
Beginner Course: Crash Course World Cultures

#EnglishEnrichmentthroughImmersion #CulturalAppreciation

Level 2

Connect: Authentic Dialogues

To promote cultural exchange and understanding between individuals from different backgrounds by facilitating meaningful and authentic dialogues.

Global Dialogue: Human Library, In-depth Cultural Seminar
Dialogue with Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong
Online Exchange with students from Europe, Virtual Travelling

#Real-worldEnglishCommunication #GlobalPerspectives #ExpandingInternationalNetworks

Level 3

Empower: Leaders of Change

To equip participants with the necessary skills and understanding of global challenges, fostering critical thinking, social responsibility and encouraging global competitiveness.

Model United Nations Training, TED Style Presentation Skills
Sustainable Development Goals
Poverty Simulation, Service Learning Week

#EngageinCurrentIssuesinGlobalContexts #GlobalCitizenship

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