About ICE

ICE is an award-winning social enterprise committed to nurture global citizens by providing a safe platform for cross-cultural dialogue, 21st century skills development and global learning.

We offer

Dialogue and experience – Provide multi-faceted perspectives and inspire discussion on cultural topics through dialogue, art, experiential learning, site visits, and more

Connection to network – Build a global youth network with a special focus on Asia pacific, to connect and empower youths, educators, activists, and passionate individuals

Capacity development and skills trainings – Nurture global competencies of intercultural communication, global collaboration, and SDG knowledge. To enhance problem solving skills, critical thinking, presentation skills through design thinking, etc.

Mentoring and coaching – Train the trainers and provide opportunities for passionate individuals to be future global leaders and social entrepreneurs. Our team has coached the champion and first runner up team in HKSEC in 2020 and champion team in The Open University of Hong Kong Business School Hackathon 2019 and 2020.

Our Mission

Enable authentic cross-cultural dialogue for global perspectives
Provide a playground for global learning
Deliver high-quality cultural training for future leaders

Our Vision and Values

Connect people to understand the world
Nurture global minds for a better tomorrow

– Diversity, Empathy, Respect
– Curiosity, Courage, Compassion

Founding story

“It doesn’t matter if I can speak Cantonese. People discriminate against me anyway.”

Freddy still remembers the devastating words of a young Pakistani girl he was tutoring back in 2009. While working for Google in India, Freddy witnessed inequality in educational opportunities and resources that he wanted to solve. However, once he realized that bigotry and discrimination was still so widespread in “Asia’s World City”, he decided to commit himself to combatting the lack of understanding between different ethnicities and cultures in Hong Kong.

He founded Inter Cultural Education (ICE), and began offering global leadership programmes for young people; he invited people from around the world into local classrooms, encouraging students to embrace different peoples and cultures, develop a rounded and open-minded worldview, as well as be curious about the world.

Our partners