June 15, 2020

Global Perspective Dialogue (GPD) Workshop

Reviving in-school engagement with cultural exchanges

With the world continuously under the threat of the pandemic, it has been an unprecedented tough time for education. A lot of students missed the opportunity to explore beyond their community to establish their global citizen identity as well as embracing diversity. ICE therefore, is proud to introduce our Global Perspective Dialogue Workshop (GPD) which aims to provide authentic and interactive global learning experiences covering various cultural topics. Our GPD is also customisable depending on each school’s needs.

We, ICE, are eager to help educators to restore those authentic interactions. We are launching our “Global Perspective Dialogue” series for Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. Sign up now!

▉ What is Global Perspective Dialogue Workshop (GPD)?

It is a 60 to 90-minute free2 session in which our trainers and speakers foster stimulating cultural discussions with students. We cover diverse topics, including “rites of passage”, “education systems around the world”, “climate change”, etc. with the aim to break down cultural stereotypes. The theme is highly customizable according to different schools’ needs.  

▉ Partnering Organisations:

1. Beyond Borders Academy Limited, an NGO that aims to provide opportunities, network and skills for youths to broaden international horizons regardless of backgrounds  

2. Dear Hong Kong, a social project that aims to bridge the people in the  local and foreign communities in Hong Kong through photography and stories to promote the cultural diversity of the city.  

▉ How does GPD work?

Our trainers will bridge our international guests with students through diverse activities, such as presentations and small-group discussions. Ideally, a group of 3-4 guests, accompanied by 1-2 trainers, will facilitate a session in a class. 

▉ Testimonies from our long-term partners

I’ve worked with ICE for many years, organizing programmes for our students, watching them learn, experience and grow through the workshops and activities. ICE’s passion for Global Education is both endearing and infectious and I, myself, as the teacher, have also learnt so much from them.

Mr Gerald Li – English Teacher, Stewards Pooi Kei College

Thanks everyone from the ICE’s team for they have created an interesting and eye-opening Global Week for our students. My gratitude also goes to the teachers who walk an extra miles in widening the exposure of students. 

Miss Chow Siu Fung – Vice Principal, Ying Wa Girl’s School

You did an excellent job and I don’t think there is any organisation can do the similar thing for students.

Mr Lam Ngai Hung – Vice Principal, T.W.G.Hs. Kap Yan’s Director College

Thank you very much for the materials. Feedback from the activity has been very positive! The students have only complained about not having enough time to talk with you guys. I look forward to cooperating with you again in the future!

Mr Timmy Yip – Teacher, HKCCCU Logos Academy

▉ Submit Application Form

Download the form below and return it to our email ice@icehongkong.com or to our office address. The registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. For enquiries, please contact us at 2384 1990. 

▉ Register online with the link below

Sign-up now to book your slot! https://icehongkong1.typeform.com/to/puLbf4


Free trial session for schools to have an opportunity to see ICE’s teaching methods and get to know the organisation for better cooperation. The free session is valid from April 2023 to May 2023 and only applies to schools ICE has not worked with before.