a playground for global learning


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Go to Primary or Secondary School

Primary or Secondary School

Increase curiosity about the world. Be confident in speaking with people from diverse background.

Go to tertiary education

tertiary education

Understand perspectives. Build connections. Take action and create impact on own community.

Go to Corporate or Organisation

Corporate or Organisation

Learn and exchange opinions on global topics. Excel at working with multicultural teams.

Go to General public

General public

Learn about the world culture. Building cross cultural friendships.

We have worked with people from 100+ nationalities, impacted 40,000+ students, 110+ schools to foster cultural understanding and awareness of students through face to face interaction.

About ICE

Connect people to understand the world
Nurture global minds for a better tomorrow
  • 1. Enable authentic cross-cultural dialogue for global perspectives
    2. Provide a playground for global learning
    3. Deliver high-quality cultural training for future leaders

  • Diversity | Empathy | Respect
    Curiosity | Courage | Compassion  


ICE has received many positive comments from governments, teachers and students over the years.

ICE is Hong Kong’s only service provider that brings cross-cultural experiences to youth with trainers from 20+ nationalities simultaneously present!

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