Cultures of Wearing Mask

大家戴口罩勤洗手嘅同時,我哋仲問咗嚟自其他國家嘅Guest,以下節錄部分意見🤭 We asked our friends what do their cultures/countries think about wearing masks? Here is what some of replies we received: 尼泊爾🇳🇵Some of the cities such as Kathmandu have alot of dust and pollution, it’s pretty common in Nepal around most of the cities to see people wearing surgical masks or a filtered face mask. Read more about Cultures of Wearing Mask[…]

【Free】Indonesian Woleka Dance

【印尼傳統舞蹈工作坊 Indonesian Woleka Dance 】 相信大家喺香港接觸過吾少印尼姐姐,但大家對印尼呢個國家除左印尼撈麵仲有幾深嘅認識?我地今次就帶比大家Woleka Dance。Woleka Dance係印尼最南部松巴島嘅傳統舞蹈,男女舞者通常都有截然不同嘅動作。呢種舞蹈通常喺當地人接待貴賓、文化節日、藝術表演嘅時候表演㗎! Woleka Dance is one of the most famous traditional welcome dance of Southwest Sumba, in the southernmost province of Indonesia. This dance is usually danced by male and female dancers with very distinctive movements. This dance is often featured in various events such as the reception of Read more about 【Free】Indonesian Woleka Dance