Cultures of Wearing Mask


We asked our friends what do their cultures/countries think about wearing masks?
Here is what some of replies we received:

尼泊爾🇳🇵Some of the cities such as Kathmandu have alot of dust and pollution, it’s pretty common in Nepal around most of the cities to see people wearing surgical masks or a filtered face mask.

約旦🇯🇴 People normally stay at home in Saudi, so infections from sneezing in someone’s face is rather rare.

澳洲🇦🇺 When I first came to Hong Kong was the first time I saw anyone on the street wearing a mask.

巴基斯坦🇵🇰 Same in Pakistan. I have never seen anyone wearing mask 😷 Except the doctors when doing operations 😄 I feel weird when wearing one, its feel like i can’t breath well !

馬來西亞🇲🇾 I seldom see people wearing masks even if they’re sick. I attribute this to either because it’s too hot outside to wear a mask and because you generally would not be out and about if you’re sick.

韓國🇰🇷 It’s perfectly normal (in fact some even take it as a fashion) in Korea. Fashion as to hide ur pimples or skin trouble.

美國🇺🇸 Americans don’t usually wear masks. We cough and sneeze directly in each others faces to spread democracy.

印度🇮🇳Wasn’t very common in India but with increasing pollution you see more and more people wearing them.

埃及🇪🇬 There is definitely a background for the mask habit, and SARS is a big part of it, that is undeniable and very understandable. I envy HK people for their commitment and consistency to prevent that from happening again, because it is suffocating and unpleasant in all ways but they still do it for its importance.

越南🇻🇳 VN likes wearing fabric masks more because we have so much dust and also air pollution and intense sunlight so we basically cover the whole body. But not surgical masks, they r strictly in hospital; wearing that may mean terminal illness or contagious illness or something.

#Disclaimer – The views and opinions expressed are those of the guests and do not necessarily reflect the countries that they represent. The content is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.