ICE Travels Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Cola


This is the ICE team first vlog in Kazakhstan, Till and Jey tried the Kazakhstan Cola on the first day, what does it taste like?

When you traveling to Kazakhstan, you have to do registration if you stay longer than 5 days upon your arrival. They waited for 5 hours in Astana(KAZ Capital) but Verena got her registration done in half an hour at Almaty OVIR Office.

Almaty OVIR

Address: 109A Karasay Batyr, corner with Baitursynov street
Tel: (3272) 63-86-81 or 62-54-62
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9-13 and 15-18, Saturday 9 – 13

It is a blue building that stands a bit back between the rest of the houses. The copy shop next to it is a bit more expensive than the one 3 houses down. Window number 3 is for foreigners.

Astana OVIR

Address: ul. Sakena Seifullina, 29