June 30, 2022

Summer Cultural Immersion Events for all age! 夏日文化體驗活動

Check out our August summer events!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to ICE!
In the coming July, Inter Cultural Education (ICE) are going to organize several cultural workshops: K-dance to this beat!, HOLA! Venezuela WAYUU, Cricket Try Out! & SDGs …
Hope you all can enjoy a mini world tour in this summer!



💻 Gameboy Game Maker (連證書)

12歲或以上,5堂 10小時 $2880, 早鳥 $2580,二人同行/兩課程 $ 2350
A1. 4th – 8th July 10am-12pm [廣東話] @Kwun Tong
A2. 11th – 15th July 10am-12pm [English] @Kwun Tong
O1. 11th – 15th July 10am-12pm [廣東話] @Online

💻 Python 資訊分析 (連證書)

16歲或以上,4堂 8 小時 $2580, 早鳥 $2380,二人同行/兩課程 $1850
程式涵蓋人臉辨識 Face Detection,資訊數據提取 Data Scraper,數據分析 Data Analysis
日期:(逢星期六)7月23/ 30、8月6/ 23

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K-dance to this beat! 韓流熱舞

Do you usually shout “Wow, Wow, Wow” when you see K-pop stars dancing on stage? And do you want to dance like those Oppa/Noona who shine on stage?

This time, our K-Pop dance workshop will teach you the upbeat and dynamic dance-moves of Dalla Dalla by Itzy. Our instructor Hazel is a member of SNDHK and has a lot of experience – not only does she teach K-Pop in different dance studios, but she also won the K-Pop Dance Festivals held by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and many other competitions!

Take advantage of your summer vacation to learn K-Pop dancing! You can be like Sung Shi Won (the lead actress in Reply 1997) and show off your superb dancing skills in front of Oppa!

Date:18/7/2022 (Monday)
Time :7:30-8:30 PM
Venue : Bling storm dance, Kwun Tong
Quota :15 (aged 12 up)
Fee:$100 (可用Tap&Go!)
Song: ITZY – dalla dalla

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Cricket Try Out! 板球全接觸!(8-12 years old)

Howzzat! A word you may have heard local Indians and Pakistanis use a lot playing a bat-and-ball game, in your local football or basketball courts. You may have wondered what they are doing and what is the purpose of this game. Fear not, this workshop answers all of your questions.

Cricket – A bat-and-ball game that has been around since the 16th Century, and played by a lot of nations, has recently surged in popularity all around the world. Cricket has also been the best-ranked team sport for Hong Kong in the World Rankings.

Our coach, Asif, has been actively involved in coaching the Hong Kong National U-16 and U-19 Teams. He wants the youngsters to get an actual taste of cricket in a proper setting, and allow themselves to enjoy the game and, hopefully, represent Hong Kong for this wonderful sport.

What are you waiting for? Come join and have a taste of what it feels like to be on a cricket pitch!

日期 Date:29/7/2022 (Friday)
時間 Time :4:30 – 6:00 pm
地點 Venue : Gin Drinker’s Bay Cricket Ground (CHK Cricket Centre)
語言 Language:English
名額 Quota:22 (Children aged 8-12)
費用 Fee:80 HKD (可用Tap&Go!)

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HOLA! Venezuela Wayuu Hat 委內瑞拉 Wayuu 草帽編織

Hola! Venezuela, located in northern South America, has been on the news for all the wrong reasons recently. However, our focus is not that. We are gonna have fun making Venezuelan Hats!

Since Venezuela is usually hot, people like to wear hats to hide from the sun. Hats designed with Wayuu (sound: why-yoo) are even more popular. The Wayuu are a tribe on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, where the sea and desert around them give birth to colorful ethnic patterns.

Since ancient times, the bags that Wayuu women hand-crafted for men have the meaning of “walking with me”. Bags designed in the style of Wayuu have been loved by celebrities and nobles early in the morning, such as Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom and Song Ji-hyo of South Korea.

What are you waiting for – Join and get your very own Wayuu and be the most stylish person on the beach!

日期 Date:30/7/2022 (Saturday)
時間 Time Parent-children class 2:30- 4pm(1.5hr); Adult class 5-6pm (1hr)
地點 Venue : 觀塘Kwun Tong
語言 Language:English 輔以廣東話
名額 Quota :parent-children class 10 person; Adult 8 person
費用 Fee:Adult HKD 280; parent-children HKD 350 (+$80 for 2 hats for both parent and childen)

(Ingredients included and hat)

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📔 A programme for students to understand and apply the concepts of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With world case studies, students have to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of various practices towards SDG implementation and empower them to think of concrete actions in the HK community.

🌎 SDG Youth Programme

  • Understand and apply the concepts of SDGs 
  • Identify and explain the application of selected SDGs around the world with case practices
  • Create and come up with multidisciplinary actions and solutions

Senior form (F4-6)
日期 Date:2022年8月22日(中午1至下午3時)

價錢 Price:$250/人 (連證書)
參加人數 Quota:各30人
舉辦形式 Format:線上
語言 Language:英語
學生推薦 Participants’ testimonials: Click here to read their feedback

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