Unmasking COVID-19|Cross Talk Season 1|ICEHongKong

Join us the conversation to understand more social distancing life around the world.

Our first season’s topic is Unmasking COVID-19. In our first four weeks, we have invited guests from Italy, Spain, France, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Russia to share how their countries, fellow citizens, family and friends react under this sweeping pandemic.

抗疫西班牙 Unmasking COVID-19|Cross Talk S1E1 Spain 🇪🇸|

Our German Guest Sophia who is living in Barcelona right now and shared the situation in Spain.

抗疫意大利 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E2 Italy 🇮🇹 |

Country with the most coronavirus deaths, and it loses 100th doctor due to coronavirus pandemic. But let’s stay positive with Dario during this tough time.

抗疫法國 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E3 France 🇫🇷 |

7 Apr: France report 10,000 coronavirus deaths, it becomes the fourth country to go beyond that threshold after Italy, Spain and United States. Watch the video to understand the current situation.

抗疫馬來西亞 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E4 Malaysia 🇲🇾 |

How mass gathering in Malaysia became coronavirus hotspot? Worshippers praying shoulder-to-shoulder, holding hands and sharing plates. This kind of packed gathering causes high rates of coronavirus infection.

抗疫韓國 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E5 South Korea 🇰🇷 |

Our Korean guests Christy and GJ shared:

1) How do people buy masks based on their year of birth?

2) What’s happening to the cities in the 2020 legislative election?

3) What do Koreans think about Shincheonji Church of Jesus?

4) How are their quarantine lives in Hong Kong?

抗疫 臺灣 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E6 Taiwan |

Taiwan’s coronavirus response is among the best globally, allowing strict controls over who crosses its borders, producing masks domestically to ensure the local supply, donating to countries in need etc.

How Taiwan has kept the virus under control when other parts of the world have not. #Taiwancanhelp

抗疫 泰國 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E7 Thailand 🇹🇭 |

How to keep positive during coronavirus pandemic?

抗疫 俄羅斯 Unmasking COVID-19 |Cross Talk S1E8 Russia 🇷🇺 |

Learn about: – Why did the garlic, ginger and lemon prices triple within a short time in Russia? – Is Putin doing a good job handling the situation? – Did Putin really send bears out on the streets to stop people from going out?

There will be more international guests and more topics in the next season. Stay with us and fight coronavirus.