July 9, 2020

Summer Cultural Lab 2020 文化實驗室

Taste the Joy 嚐樂

A new dinner experience! While having nice cuisines together, you can chat with friends from all around the world and share your own food culture. We aim to promote cultural diversity and provide you a chance to explore the world with food. Do not hesitate and join us now!

2020 July 17 (Fri) – Sri Lanka 斯里蘭卡篇 Sign up 報名

When Dulanga, a Sri Lankan-born American patriot will show us to an Indian restaurant where we will taste food from his birth-country (Sri Lankan food is the same as Indian food, just as Japanese food is the same as Chinese food).

2020 July 31 (Fri) – Singapore 新加坡篇 Sign up 報名

ICE Breaking 破冰之旅

How well do you know Poland and India? Join us and explore more about the country. We will invite hosts from Poland and India and they will share some exciting cultures, facts, cool stuffs and tips for travelling that you have never imagined! Be a global citizen and explore the world with us!

2020 August 23 (Sun) – ICE Breaking into Poland: 破冰之旅 – 波蘭篇 Sign up 報名

Late September – ICE Breaking into India: 破冰之旅 – 印度篇 Sign up 報名

Board Games Fiesta 桌·遊世界

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Join our Board Games Fiesta and have fun! Make new friends from different cultural backgrounds and be the winner of the night. We aim to promote cultural diversity and encourage cultural exchange through board games. We always welcome you to bring your friends to join our exciting night!

 Action with ICE 起動

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Whether or not you’re a natural-born athlete, there’s probably a sport that’s just right for you. So, it’s time to take action! By joining our sports events, you can make new friends and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Join us and connect with friends around the world! 

Cycling: 8/8 (Sat) 2:30-5:30pm

Kayaking: 25/7 (Sat) [full]

Kayaking: 15/8 (Sat) [full]