July 18, 2016

Study Trips

cultural exchange hong kong 

This Programme provides a platform for participants to learn and practise intercultural communication skills and intercultural competencies defined by UNESCO, which include

– valuing others
– understanding the lens through which we each view the world
– identifying how one’s perspectives are similar to and different from others
– engaging in authentic intercultural dialogues
– being able to shift temporarily into another perspective

Trainers and university students from different parts of the world will be involved to create a multicultural environment. Students will engage in a series of in-class and outside class activities, such as small group discussions, role-plays, presentations, debates, games, and university visits. Additionally, the programme will enhance students’ awareness of the skills that they need to equip themselves with to achieve their dreams and be a responsible global citizen.

cultural exchange hong kong

In short, this programme aims to achieve the following:

– to provide a multicultural learning environment to the students that broadens their Global Mindset and widens their world view and vision
– to improve students’ confidence and proficiency in English public speaking and presentations
– to enhance students’ soft conceptual skills such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, critical thinking and innovative thinking.

We will track each student’s development by collecting feedback forms, and provide a detailed report to the school which includes photo and video records after the programme concludes.

Additional information:

Target Participants: Students of S.2, S.3, S.4
Duration: 3 days (9am – 5pm)
Medium: English

Download proposal: here

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