August 3, 2016

Schools Programme

  • Global Lessons
    Topics can range from interactive English practice to career and life planning with global perspectives and cross-cultural communication and teamwork
    Main trainer/facilitator with team of international guests will run the lessons
    Subject integration and customised lesson plans possible after discussing with teachers or subject panels

  • Global Week (or Global Day)
    Customised package of Global Lessons with added performances, assembly talks and workshops to transform the school into an international school temporarily
    Team of international trainers and guests will stay on campus every day for the project to engage students during recess or lunch time

  • Service Learning Week
    Customised full-day week to learn about ethnic minorities and/or refugees in Hong Kong and/or topics on social innovation and social entrepreneurship, ideal for CAS weeks or similar
    Training and all logistics (including food and transportation and venues and insurance) included as desired