Global Day / Week

Our most popular programme among schools!

Global Week is a fantastic blend of our Global Village and Cultural Workshops programmes. We will come at arranged lesson times to facilitate an extended Global Dialogue, where we bring in international guests from various countries per session, and have them converse and interact with students. Outside of lesson periods, such as during lunch or after school, we are able to set up a larger Global Village that also includes cultural activities in our Global Week. Complete with decorations, students will be enthralled by the different foods and hands-on cultural activities on offer.

Global day(s) takes elements from Global Dialogue, Cultural Workshops, and Cultural Festivals.

“You know my favourite part of school is definitely this whole “Global Awareness Week” because I really really enjoy talking with you guys! It makes school way more interesting and funny. Every year when you guys come and visit our school, I feel like studying abroad already! Thank you for such a memorable 2018 and I am so excited to see you all next year!”

— Hilary, Sacred Heart Canossian College