In the past 10 years, ICE has worked with more than 30k students and a thousand volunteers. We have so many stories of our students becoming our intern and volunteer, our cultural sharer initiating cultural exchange programmes in their university and even workplace or having life-long friendship from people they met in ICE.

We would like to start documenting these stories from YOU especially if you have initiated your own passion project which further amplifies the impact of cross-cultural dialogues and having a global mindset.

Share with us your story in 300-500 words (Chinese/English):

(1) What have you learnt in ICE or any change of mindset after joining?

(2) a. An event/project/company initiated by you after joining ICE or

b. A long-term friendship developed with a friend you met in ICE or

c. Your story of becoming a guest/intern/friend/volunteer after joining ICE programme.

d. any other ways ICE has helped/affected you

(3)     Photos of the project/event

(4)     Website (if applicable) and Logo

The ICE Team would love to hear about your experience or stories, even if you think it’s nothing special.

It will keep us motivated and helps us do a better job! And your stories may be published on ICE social media materials where they will be able to be viewed by the general public (only if you consent of course).