July 30, 2020

International Elite Programme 國際領袖培訓課程

After completing the online programme, you’ll be able to:

1) Cultivate global competence among the others

2) Equip yourself with skills to face future challenges

3) Gain new perspectives on social issues

4) Instil a positive attitude to become global leaders and changemakers

Self-exploration and 21st-century skills

Rethink and explore your personal interests and career vision while developing the most essential skills in the 21st centuries, such as interpersonal, public speaking, career-related, and design thinking skills.

Networking with Youth Leaders

You have the opportunity to network and connect with other inspiring youth leaders in Hong Kong, as well as exchange culture with international guests and youths.

Programme Highlights

1) Your introduction to Global Citizenship

The first part lays a solid foundation for what Global Citizenship and Leadership mean. You will learn about how young people around the world are making impact and start on your journey to be a Global Leader.

2) Communication and Conversation Skills – Getting ready for the Global Exposure

This session brings you through different stages of coversation to prepare you to speak with guests of different nationalities. You will learn how to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with someone from another culture to broaden your horizon and increase your global knowledge

3) Global Dialogue

Now that you are equipped with the right skills, it is time to put it to test by meeting with people from more than 5 different countries in a Human Library style session. Learn about the world through the eyes of the guests and explore each country in details by using the skills learnt. You will be able to truly travel around the world without leaving your home.

4) World Religions – Major religions and how they shaped the geopolitics of the world

What has religions got to do with Global Leadership? In this session, we will explore the basic beliefs of the most common religions and recognise their relationship with each other. Through this, we will be able to understand how religions affect geopolitics and diplomacy in the 21st century. The session is developed by Dr. Peter Youngblood, P.H.D in Religious Studies.

5) How to present your ideas – storytelling like a TED speaker

So, you’ve got a great idea and you need to stand in front of an audience and convince your peers to join your cause. We will show you some tips and tricks to make your speech more compelling and you will have a chance to practise to enhance your public speaking skills.

6) Media Literacy – Recognising fake news and media bias

We are being pelted with news every single day with different headlines and agenda. Fake news is a global phenomenon that has caused an erosion of trust towards traditional news sources and as Global Leaders, it is important to trace news sources and distinguish between the fake news and media bias.

7) Global Leader sharing – Walk in the shoes of people from different industries

There is more than one way to leave your mark on the world and create positive impact! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chance to talk to people from different walks of life, each with their own passion and achievements, and learn how they mastered their own challenges? In this session you can take a glimpse at your own future possibilities through the eyes of our guests who work in various industries.

8) Creating a Change Strategy

The final session combines everything you have learnt from the previous sessions and challenges you to work on a strategy that can be implemented in Hong Kong to change people’s mindset and help your friends become Global Citizens too. You will work in teams and show this idea to our panel of judges for feedback and possible implementation.

For any enquiries, please email to iEP@icehongkong.com or contact:
ICE office (852) 2384 1990
Ms Lam (852) 6546 2227

Joining this programme is the best experience of my learning ever. Why? Apart from making this vacation become meaningful, I see my potential future after these days.  

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School – Limbu Areena


國立清華大學 謝方昀

上年參加完IEP先發現自己眼界幾狹窄, 呢個世界有好多野我地其實冇接觸過冇聽聞過唔係話參加完你會識晒所有野,但係會令你知道自己有幾渺小,然後提高自己嘅global awareness, 至少我自己而加對世界多左好奇心。

Ying Wa Girls’ School – Sophia Cheng