May 3, 2024

ICE World Explorers WhatsApp Community Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the ICE World Explorers community where our goal is to build a safe place for cultural exploration through global dialogue with people from all over the world. To achieve this, we hope as a World Explorer (will be referred as Community Members onwards) everyone will be able to maintain ICE’s values of being curious, inclusive, and friendly. Please read through the Rules & Guidelines below to understand your rights and roles in the community.

Community Safety

  1. Addressing and maintaining privacy
    • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all community members.
    • Do not share personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or sensitive data, without explicit consent.
      • During projects, you have the right to allow or not allow students to follow your personal social media account.
      • Avoid sharing your phone number to students.
      • For the sake of your safety and the students’, private communication on any platform between Community Members and underage students are not allowed.
      • Report to or ask the community admin if you found your contact has been shared or followed without your permission.
    • Avoid forwarding or sharing private conversations or media without the sender’s permission.
    • Be mindful of the cultural sensitivities and diverse backgrounds within the community when discussing personal matters.
  2. Mitigating harmful behaviour
    • Admins have the right to delete any messages that are believed to be harmful or offensive to the community.
      • Any community members can send messages they find harmful for admin review on WhatsApp.
    • Please report any instances of harmful behaviour, whether they occur within the online or physical environment of the community, to the community Admin immediately. It is important to notify the Admin within 24 hours of the incident to ensure timely action can be taken. Do not report to immediately to WhatsApp.


  1. Admin and other roles
    • Only ICE staff are granted the admin role for the community and all groups within the community.
    • Community Leaders are encouraged to suggest and host events with the community.
      • Any community members can volunteer themselves as Community Leaders.
      • Community Leaders are required to go through a training session to understand ICE’s community and its needs better.
      • Community Leaders will help the Community Manager to host various events as a co-host or organiser.
      • Community Leaders are free to withdraw their role at any time by giving the Community Manager an advance notice (i.e. not during an on-going event they are organising, etc.).
      • Before promoting and hosting an event, the Community Leader must book a slot off Google Calendar Appointment Schedule to avoid potential clashes and allow participants to easily join an event without spamming the community or group.
  2. Permission
    • Admins are the only ones allowed to grant, deny, or alter community members’ access to the community.
    • Community Leaders can suggest new groups for the admins to create. Only admins are allowed to create new groups.
      • These groups should be open to any members of the community to join.
    • Community Leaders and Members are advised against inviting contacts outside the ICE World Explorer WhatsApp Community into groups without Admin permission or knowledge.
      • If any members of the group are not part of the ICE World Explorer WhatsApp Community and have been invited without the permission or knowledge of the Admin, their removal from the group will be permanent.
    • Events
      • Only Community Leaders are allowed to promote events in the “Events and Gathering” group. Events that can be promoted are those that are already scheduled with the Admin.
      • Community Members who would like to promote any external events can ask the Admin for permission before promoting.
      • Community Leaders can ask the Community Manager for assistance in hosting events (assistance include: promotions, charging, venue booking, etc.).
        • Community Leaders could ask for subsidy from the Community Manager when hosting events with more than 15 participants (excluding the hosts).
    • Joining groups
      • ICE World Explorer WhatsApp Community can only be joined through admin invite.
      • Any members of the ICE World Explorer WhatsApp Community are free to join any and as many groups as they like.

Rules of Conduct

  • Be respectful and considerate: Treat all community members with respect and avoid offensive language, personal attacks, or derogatory remarks.
  • Avoid advocacy for divisive causes: Promote a safe learning environment that fosters inclusivity by refraining from advocating those related to religion, politics, or any beliefs that could polarise the community.
  • Respect privacy: Do not share personal information and contacts or private conversations without consent.
  • Report issues responsibly: If you encounter any issues or have concerns, report them to the community admin instead of engaging in public disputes or arguments.
  • Have fun and foster a curious environment: Encourage friendly and constructive discussions, share valuable content, and contribute to a positive atmosphere within the community.

Conflict Management and Rules Enforcement

  • Members who initiate conflict within the community, display unrespectful behaviour towards others, or have another member report them for harassment to the community Admin will receive a private warning from the admin.
  • Members who have received one warning from the admin and repeatedly showed harmful behaviour will be removed from the community.


Here are some of our current existing groups, this list will be updated according to any future addition, deletion, or altercations (such as name) of our groups. The Rules & Guidelines mentioned above apply to all groups, with additional Guidelines tailored to the specific needs of each sub-community (refer to the group’s description). Below are brief descriptions of each group:

  • Restricted access (by admin approval or invite only):
    • Admin & Community Leaders (PIC: Eva): Discussion channel for admin and Community Leaders regarding upcoming events, community feedback, issues, etc.
    • World Agents (PIC: Eva): By admin invite only.
    • Last-Minute Hikes (PIC: Till): All about hiking and outdoor adventures from discussion to excursions.
    • Casual Philosophy Club (PIC: Till): Discussion forum for philosophy enthusiasts.
    • ICE Second-hand Shop (PIC:Andy): ICE’s version of Carousell (not Taobao), where everyone is allowed to give away free stuff (not services) or stuff at a discount for others to get.
  • Open to all:
    • General Chat (PIC: Eva): Converted from the current ICE World Explorer group for anyone who joins the community to interact with each other after they introduce themselves on the announcement.
    • Events & Gatherings (PIC: Eva): Sharing upcoming ICE events and other social gatherings that are open for others to join (i.e. picnics, beach days, trips, etc.).
    • Volunteering & Job Opportunities (PIC: Grace & Eva): Sharing existing volunteering opportunities within ICE and outside of ICE that can build a sense of social responsibility within the community. Grace will mainly be in-charge of sharing ICE upcoming projects and Eva for other ICE related volunteering opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Rules & Guidelines above or member conduct in the community, please message the admin on WhatsApp.