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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What do I do in Global Weeks?
A: The standard format for a lesson (~40 minutes~) will be cultural presentation then followed by interactive activities. The format of the presentation varies each time/lesson, depending on the age group, theme or subject of the original lesson. Each ambassador usually takes part in 1-3 sessions each day depending on their availability and the suitability of the topic. In certain events, ambassadors are also expected to decorate booths to showcase their countries.

Q: Do I get paid for the participation?
A:This is an opportunity for cultural exchange and skills development and not a work assignment. Therefore, salary is not included. However, a fixed subsidy to cover transportation (and sometimes food) will be provided for each attendance.

Q: Can I invite my friends to join the events?
A: Of course! We would love to expand our community. Get them to join our casual night events if they have to work during weekdays!

Q: I would like to invite you to work with my department/society/organisation, what should I do?
A: Be in touch with anyone in our team and we can schedule a meeting to get to know each other. We can see how we can work together!

Q: I would like to organise a non-profit cultural event with my friends in/outside uni and I need some support, can I invite you to mentor us?
A: Yes! Talk to us and we can see how we can support you. We can do mentoring for free and lend you our materials in office if the objective of your programme aligns to our company 😀