Poverty Simulation – Mashanti

Poverty simulation – Mashanti immerses students into the reality of coffee bean farmers in poverty to challenge their knowledge about the ethics and complexities of global supply chains.

Develop empathy and a deeper, personal understanding on global trade and impact on its communities
Learn about globalisation and international development issues through multiple angles
Process thought-provoking issues to stimulate creativity and critical thinking skills

Class Size: maximum 2 classes 

Our Past Clients

Ying Wa Girls College engaged in this programme for 5+ years (link)

Students from 清华大学附属中学 for more than 9 years

Model United Nations (MUN) Course

Model United Nations (MUN) course is a beginner-friendly course empowering students to gain confidence in engaging in international discussions and develop global perspectives. 

Train debate skills and public speaking skills through immersive MUN experiences
Further students’ global knowledge through exploring local and international community issues
Acquire and apply skills in diplomacy, teamwork and critical thinking

Class size:  20

Notable Achievements

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, two of our students won the Honourable Mention Award and Best Speaker Award in Hong Kong Model United Nations Club 2020

TED Style Presentation Skills Course

TED Style Presentation Skills course introduces the mechanics of delivering an effective and impactful presentation in a modern style to captivate the audience’s attention.

Main Trainer: Till Kraemer, seven time TEDx speaker

Develop self-learning skills and/ self-awareness through improvement processes
Understand the preparation process of delivering impactful presentations with storytelling
Fine-tune stage presence and body language

Student size: Form based

Class size varies according to level of difficulty; for more information please enquire: ice@icehongkong.com 

Service Learning Week – Community Mapping

Service Learning Week enables students to obtain an in-depth understanding of the lives of different HK communities through engaging with community members in Hong Kong. We offer different service learning week programmes.

Train interview skills and interpersonal skills
Explore Hong Kong identity through learning personal stories of various members in the Hong Kong community
Create material for display on the “Dear Hong Kong” Photobook to showcase diversity in Hong Kong

Class size: 20-40

Notable Achievements

ICE’s Minorities and Refugee Service Learning Week programme was awarded Second Place in Best Local Programme and Second Place in Students’ Favourite Programme by Stewards Pooi Kei College.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Youth Programme

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Youth Programme teaches students current issues and apply concepts of SDGs by introducing case studies around the world.

Discover personal passions in relation to SDGs
Further empathy and perspective-taking from understanding various community needs
Break down complex problems and analyse effectiveness of current modern solutions to real-world issues

Target Form: Senior form students

International Elite Programme (iEP)

International Elite Programme cultivates global competence and equips students with the knowledge and skills required for becoming a global citizen in the 21st century.

Apply leadership and teamwork skills throughout the programme to build capacity and motivation for being a positive change agent
Critically analyse global issues through the lenses of economics, politics and social psychology
Develop interpersonal, public speaking and design thinking skills

Class size: 30, suitable for high-performers or elite students of a school/form