Online Exchange

A 3 session online exchange programme with schools from Europe for giving Hong Kong students opportunities to increase global exposure, language proficiency and develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. 

Discover cultural similarities and differences, analyse stereotypes and challenge assumptions through conversations
Foster a sense of global citizenship through appreciating different cultures and explore the nuances of various education systems as well as the common challenges faced by youth around the world 
Bridge cultural gaps and cultivate intercultural friendships with peers of different nationalities 

Class size: 20

Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

A face-to-face dialogue to understand cultures, religion and personal experiences and struggles growing up in Hong Kong as a ethnic minority.

Deepen connection with various members of the Hong Kong community through personal sharing
Promote values of open-mindedness, inclusivity and respect 
Foster mutual respect and acceptance among participants of different backgrounds to promote inclusion

Class size: 30

Global Dialogue: Human Library

Global Dialogue: Human Library is a highly interactive session for students to see the world through the lens of the guests, discussing diverse topics, eliminating cultural stereotypes and learning new perspectives.

Meet and engage in fun and casual conversations with international guests of over 100 nationalities
Eliminate cultural stereotypes and understand different perspectives
Understand and appreciate cultural differences 

Class size: 1 class

ICE has organised over 3500 workshops bringing over 100 nationalities to the classroom.

“I’ve worked with ICE for many years, organizing programmes for our students, watching them learn, experience and grow through the workshops and activities. ICE’s passion for Global Education is both endearing and infectious and I, myself, as the teacher, have also learnt so much from them.” 

– Mr Gerald Li, Head of Global Education Team, SPKC

Interactive Cultural Seminar

Gain an in-depth understanding of cultures through thematic workshops, such as

Appreciate intersectionality of identities and cultures of different countries and communities
Engage in fun, academic discussions and activities on exploring heritage, history, and practices
Gain global knowledge through examining and appreciating cultural nuances

Class size: 30-50