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晨間聊天室 Fika Club
National identity and being “German”

25 October (Sunday) 10-11am (HKT)

 It does not sound like a relaxing and light-hearted topic, but let’s chat about national identity and what it means to be “German”. This country has a lot of historical baggage, but is also unique in the world for the way its education system emphasises past atrocities so to never forget what has happened. In German it is called “Erinnerungskultur” (“culture of remembrance”). Join us for a casual but also somewhat serious conversation about German, regional and national identity with our very own German ICE member.

坐遊世界  Armchair Traveller 

18 October (Sunday) 7-8pm (HKT)

Have you heard of the Black Forest? Or the stunning castle of “Neuschwanstein” in Bavaria? Maybe you heard about the world-famous beer festival “Oktoberfest” or the history-laden Berlin, with the echoes of a divided country? Germany is a vast country with a lot to offer, and if you’re hungry for another trip, you can joy us for a virtual exploration of various cities, including some less touristy areas!

跟德佬學外語 Till’s Language Lab 

10 October (Saturday) 7-8pm (HKT)

This is a special month for Till’s Language Lab – as he’ll be exploring his own mother tongue. Whether you seriously consider studying German, or you simply want to amuse yourself with German spelling and pronunciation, this hour will be full of fun and needlessly complex grammar. You will finally learn why Till is glad he never had to study German as a second language!

坡仔食堂 Uncle Jey’s Canteen 
Asparagus “German style” with fried potato and sausages

31 October (Saturday) 8-9pm (HKT)

This time, our German long-time-intern Maria will be teaching Uncle Jey how to cook a fusion of German dishes: fried potato, the famous “Nürnberger” fried sausages, and the (usually seasonal) asparagus with “sauce hollandaise”. All 3 dishes are very popular in Germany, and this is your chance to see how to prepare them, with the help of the soothing voice of Uncle Jey. Too bad he does not drink alcohol, as a German beer would be the perfect complement to this set.

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