10-Year Anniversary |ICEHongKong

走過 #十年 #第一個十年 ICE is actually turning 10 years (since incorporation) on 18 March 2020, we invited our guests, friends and former employees to share memories/anecdotes about working in/with ICE. Let’s Turn Back The Clock!⏳ 三月十八是ICE的十周年,由明天開始的十日會有ICE#十年回顧,亦邀請曾與我們合作過、實習過、指導過嘅外國人寫低感受和回憶。接著十天來跟我們回顧那些年的點點滴滴吧!⏳ 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2010 Go to Top #十年回顧 #貳零壹零 #TenYears 我們的: 第一間辦公室、第一次非洲文化工作坊、第一次回到母校、第一次電視訪問、第一個書櫃、第一次戶外學習、第一次貧窮模擬體驗、第一次的少數族裔工作坊⋯⋯ Zulfiye NGO Read more about 10-Year Anniversary |ICEHongKong[…]

Toilet Paper or water?

❎#搶廁紙 無哂廁紙🧻可以點做?用水!呢個世界其實仲有好多人如廁後喺用水清潔,例如歐洲、東南亞國家等,佢吔覺得水比廁紙更加重要。有外遊經驗的話都會留意到某啲國家坐廁旁邊會有沖洗用嘅花曬。 究竟用廁紙定水比較衛生?你又會揀邊樣?我吔亦問咗其他Guests,以下節錄部分討論內容: We asked our friends what do their cultures/countries think about using toiler paper or water for cleaning after poo and pee? Here is what some of replies we received:美國 🇺🇸 America – It’s no problem in NC. We just use our hands if it runs out 索馬利亞🇸🇴 Somalia – Water in toilets is Read more about Toilet Paper or water?[…]