Explore Indonesia 探索印尼🇮🇩

宅遊世界印尼篇 🇮🇩 The Armchair Traveller – Indonesia 你知道印尼有分三個時區—例如首都雅加達採用印尼西部時間,峇里島用印尼中部時嗎?五月,我們會帶你暢遊這顆「在赤道上的翡翠」,橫跨三個時區,探索當中獨有文化丶風景宜人的地方。 Do you know that Indonesia is divided into three time zones; the capital city Jakarta, uses the western Indonesian time zone, while Bali uses the Central Indonesian time zone? This month, we will bring you to places across all 3 time zones in “Emerald of the Equator” and Read more about Explore Indonesia 探索印尼🇮🇩[…]