Our team

Till Kraemer


7-times-TEDx speaker, Lead Trainer and social entrepreneur. Till has conducted youth training in 10+ countries with 100+ academic institutions and corporations since his graduation from the University of Oxford. He specialises in teaching high performers and has trained hundreds of students from the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and top-list secondary schools for award-winning results.

Jey Chan

Education Consultant

Intercultural trainer and conversation specialist. Jey is passionate in bringing the joy of learning and human interaction across cultures to youths around the world. He has also delivered a TEDx speech on the benefits of talking to strangers. He is concurrently serving as a Startup Support Coordinator with the United Nations Development Programme.

Aggie Lam


Youth advocate and social entrepreneur. Aggie dedicates her work to SDG10 Reduced Inequalities by promoting social inclusion through empowering and connecting youths from 80+ countries. She co-founded 《鄉港家書》, an art project to promote Hong Kong’s cultural diversity through stories and was selected as Hong Kong 2021 Changemakers by the LoopHK.

Andreas Winklhofer

HR & Adminstration Manager

Born and raised in Hong Kong, a true metropolitan city like no other, add parents from two opposite ends of the world, to that – friends from even more diverse backgrounds and easy-going personality, truly makes him inter cultural.

After studying architecture in the UK and having first hand experience in various organizations with global impact and influences, such as Oxfam; he returned to Hong Kong to pursue a brief career in finance then venturing out to private consultancy.

Grace Tsang


Grace believes that everyone should venture life with grace and courage. Despite majoring in Biology in university, Grace was inspired to explore other fields in humanities early in her studies, and having travelled to various places, she gradually understands the importance of perspectives in seeing the world. There is no better thing than to seek every excitement in life with a hint of elegance.

Stephanie Gurung

Education Manager

Hong Kong-born-and-bred Stephanie pursued a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary English Studies and a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. The Nepalese Filipina has worked with students from over 40 schools since launching her career in education. She enjoys creative writing and has had her work commended by author Xu Xi. Her ultimate goal is to connect people from diverse backgrounds through literature and the art of conversation. 

Eva Seputra

Community & Communications Officer

A natural conversationalist and a storyteller at heart, Eva has a deep fascination with people and what makes humans, well… humans. Originally from Indonesia, she has explored various topics including culture, environmentalism, employment, and neurodiversity (following her ADHD-GAD diagnosis). Now she focuses on education and loves to ponder about life through various lenses. It is through the eyes of different people she has met that she has been encouraged to inspire more individuals through stories and humane connections.

Verena Wong

Creative Director @explorer

Verena believes that people can learn about the world without the need of travelling. She has been exposed to many global learning opportunities from working and voluntary experiences. She worked in the marketing team for a listed company in Hong Kong and currently provide various STEM and computer courses to local schools.

Linka Lin


Linka worked at the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub from December 2016 to March 2023. She coordinated youth entrepreneurship and employment initiatives with more than 20 countries under Youth Co:Lab and Movers in the Asia-Pacific region. She is currently the Community Engagement Team Lead at a social enterprise that helps students from emerging markets, specifically South Asia and Africa, land a job and fulfil their career progression.

Gustav Johansson


Gustav embraces cultural understanding and the importance of making friends across the borders. He has a degree in International Administration from Linnaeus University in Sweden and a post graduate diploma in European politics from University of Iceland. After working many years with a multitude of cultural exchange programs with target groups ranging from exchange students to immigrants, Gustav is now working at the Swedish School in London.

Sharmake Bashir


Travelling at a young age made him curious to see the world differently, his dreams are to build a bridge between people in different parts of the world including his home nation Somalia. Sharmake speaks multiple languages and educated the public through his tales of living in a country with no government for more than a decade. He is currently the Coordinator at Africa Center Hong Kong – a platform that fosters value-creating interactions between African and non-African communities in Hong Kong.

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