Explore Poland 探索波蘭🇵🇱

Travel to Poland with us without leaving your home! 

晨間聊天室 Fika Club
The Past and Present Poland

28 November (Saturday) 10-11am (HKT)

The Independence Day on 11 November marks the return of Poland as a country after 123 years of partitions. Join us as we discuss how the Polish society changed during WW2 and communism era. Will Poland ever become a la-la land? Let’s find out over breakfast and coffee!

坐遊世界  Armchair Traveller 

14 November (Saturday) 7-8pm (HKT)

Poland is well known for the stunning historical buildings that dates back to the 14th century and its resilience to keep the Polish culture alive. If you are hungry for travel and thirsty for knowledge, then join us as we visit various cities in this beautiful country virtually and experience the different unique aspects of Poland!

跟德佬學外語 Till’s Language Lab 

21 November (Saturday) 7-8pm (HKT)

Wojciech Szczęsny. Fans of football might know him as the Juventus goalkeeper but few can write his name correctly, let alone pronounce it. If you want to learn about the mechanics behind Polish, look no further as we dive in to explore this beautiful language.

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