Explorer Sri Lanka 斯里蘭卡🇱🇰

坡仔食堂 Uncle Jey’s Canteen

Monday, 31 August 2020 8pm

零技能和零經驗的Jey 要如何做出世界各地的菜餚?Jey 將會向我們的嘉賓學習一些簡單又道地的菜餚。

How can an amateur chef with zero skills and patience whip up dishes from all around the world? Watch Uncle Jey learn some simple dishes from our international guests and attempt to replicate the steps without setting the kitchen on fire.

跟德佬學僧加羅語 Till’s Language Lab

Saturday, 22 August 2020 7pm

Ayubowan 是僧伽羅語的你好,有祝人長壽的意思。僧伽羅語是斯里蘭卡官方語言之一。人類天生有學會語言的本能,跟Till 和嘉賓學習一些真正有趣的語言和方言吧!

Ayubowan! This means hello in Sinhala! Sinhala is one of the official languages of Sri Lanka with a unique script and writing. Join us online as we travel around the world and learn some truly fascinating languages and dialects from the guests together with our self professed linguistics lover Till!

晨間聊天室 Fika Club: Sri Lanka Civil War, 10 years on

Saturday, 29 August 2020 10am


Fika, a traditional Swedish concept of coffee break and socialising, provides a good opportunity for people to slow down and connect with friends and colleagues. Join us online as we sip coffee, eat pastries and understand the big issues affecting the country of the month from the locals.

坐遊世界 The Armchair Traveller 

Saturday, 15 August 2020 7pm

因為COVID-19大家都被迫閉門在家,但相信大家到處去旅遊的心一定從未改變。我們將會帶大家用Google Street View在自己的房間裡「坐遊世界」。導遊將會帶你走遍世界各地的旅遊景點,讓大家坐在家中也能夠享受當地的文化,體驗一次與眾不同的視像旅行!

Tired of staying at home and dream about travelling abroad? Then let us take you through some of the most iconic streets in the country using Google Street View without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Along the way, our guide will provide you the most authentic local travelling experience by sharing memories and stories about their hometown. As an Armchair Traveller, you get to ask our guide questions in real time to satisfy both your curiosity and your itch to travel.

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