ICE 2021 Report

15000+ students are more globally minded!
In 2021, ICE launched 103 educational programmes with 15 free programmes offered to underprivileged schools and societies
 Directly impacted with 15000+ students and participants.
 Over 95,000 views on YouTube!

Explore Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 探索哈薩克

What do you associate with the 9th largest country in the world? Perhaps the fresh air that blows gently through the steppe? Or maybe it’s the futuristic looking buildings of Nur-Sultan? Whether it is your first time hearing about Kazakhstan or you are a seasoned traveller in the Central Asia region, join us as our guests from Kazakhstan bring you on a virtual tour around their hometown and show you some local secrets.

探索哈薩克x香包製作體驗 Explore Kazakhstan x Sachet Making


星期五的祈禱很困難 Friday prayers are difficult

Friday is a sacred day of worship in Islam and Muslims are required to join Friday prayers every week. For Muslims in Hong Kong, this may be a bit of a challenge as they would have to attend the prayers during lunch hours. Muslims would head to Mosques or prayer rooms nearby for prayers then head back to work, but this is more difficult for Muslims working or studying in New Territories as there are currently no Mosques in that area.