Explore Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 探索哈薩克

What do you associate with the 9th largest country in the world? Perhaps the fresh air that blows gently through the steppe? Or maybe it’s the futuristic looking buildings of Nur-Sultan? Whether it is your first time hearing about Kazakhstan or you are a seasoned traveller in the Central Asia region, join us as our guests from Kazakhstan bring you on a virtual tour around their hometown and show you some local secrets.

Central Asian BBQ Pasteries: Samsa
中亞烤肉餡餅SAMSA ︳一起體驗 煮出異國美食 

一起體驗 🍳 煮出異國美食【International Cooking Experience】 相信去過中亞旅行的朋友,對Samsa應該不陌生吧!Samsa 是一種三角形的肉餡餅,在中亞由街頭小巷到高級餐廳都可見Samsa的蹤影,亦是中亞人與家人相聚時的必備小食。通常吃Samsa的時侯會配搭熱茶。 來自哈薩克的Diana已經準備好熱茶了,就等你一齊來親自製作滋味的Samsa!(素食者將以南瓜餡料代替) In this workshop, our guest Diana from Kazakhstan will teach you how to make these delicious pastries stuffed with flavors from Central Asia. ………………………. 日期 Date: 28 APR 2019 (SUN) 時間 Time: 15:00-17:00 地點 Venue: Cooking Studio, 15/F, Gala Place, No. 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok 語言 Read more about Central Asian BBQ Pasteries: Samsa
中亞烤肉餡餅SAMSA ︳一起體驗 煮出異國美食