Open for applications – Movers Skill Grant Programme!

Application deadline: 30 May 2022

For enquiries, please contact  如有查詢請聯絡:

📞 +852 5604 3139

Are you an Organisation looking to Support Youth Development?


In Inter Cultural Education, we base our work on nurturing global perspectives in youths and delivering cultural learning for future leaders all over the world. We are working with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to recruit potential grantees for the Movers Skill Grant Programme. Organisations looking to lend their support in empowering youths and facilitating youth development are encouraged to join The Movers Programme and share your vision with us.

Join us and help build the Movers community, which gives support to youths in developing 21st century skills, entrepreneurial mindsets, and raising awareness for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Movers Skill Grant Programme is now open for applications. Please share details about your programme and upload your workplan proposal in the application.

In your workplan, you must include

  1. Give a detailed description of the period and timeline of the project (from May to December 2022)
  2. Clearly state the recruitment period and plan, number of workshops and minimum number of participants per workshop, number of Movers Facilitators, Movers Mentors (and beyond), and the estimated reach of the project (monthly breakdown and overall reach)
  3. State the support that the organization will provide to the Movers and the community partners involved, if any.
  4. Show track record of youth involvement with minimum of two other organizations that you have worked with and provide reference contacts
  5. Show that the organization has successfully recruited at least 1000 youths in one year and with sample recruitment materials
  6. Include a monitoring and evaluation plan
  7. Include a detailed budget breakdown
  8. Please mention all the partners that you plan to collaborate with and how you plan to do so for this proposal

Click here to apply! (Application deadline: 30 May 2022)

For more information about The Movers Programme, you can visit:

在互文教社,我們的工作旨在培養年輕人的全球視野,並為作為未來的領導者的青少年提供文化教育。 我們正在與聯合國開發計劃署合作,為 Movers Skill Grant 招募適當的受助機構。 誠意邀請想籌劃促進青年發展的活動的組織加入The Movers Programme並與我們分享您的計劃

您的加入能幫助我們擴大 Movers Community,為更多青年提供機會。The Movers Programme的目標是為了支持青年發展二十一世紀所需要的技能和他們的創業思維,還有提高他們對可持續發展目標的認知。Movers Skill Grant Programme現已開放申請,希望能作為促進青年發展的組織的助力。 請在申請表格中填寫您的組織的計劃細節(詳情請看以上英文版本)及上載您的計劃書。


想知道更多關於The Movers Programme 的資訊,可以到以下網址: