Myanmar and Indonesia Workshops – June 2022

Indonesian Sambal Chili Workshop 印尼焫焫焫焫焫焫辣醬工作坊

If you are a spicy types of person and want to experience the special spicy taste outside of Hong Kong, Indonesian chili is just right for you. Indonesian chili sauce (Sambal Terasi) is a sauce made with dried shrimp paste, bird’s eye chili and other spices. It is generally used as a sauce for fried food. With its unique spicy flavor, it is widely loved in many places such as Southeast Asia and South Asia. Of course, in addition to having a large number of rich flavors such as lemongrass and mango seasoning, you can also use different ingredients according to your preferences to get the most personal experience!

Our teacher from Indonesia will teach you how to make Indonesian chili sauce with dried shrimp paste and make them into a chili sauce that is suitable for any food. As long as there is a can of Indonesian chili sauce in hand, any food can become an unforgettable dish!!!!! If you can’t wait to experience the taste of Indonesian chili sauce, and want to listen to the locals interpret the story of Indonesian chili and the production process, then hurry up and join our Indonesian chili sauce workshop with your friends and family!

如果你是一個無辣不歡的人,而且想體驗一下香港以外特別的辛辣味道,印尼道地風味的辣椒正適合你,印尼辣椒醬(Sambal Terasi)是用乾蝦醬和鳥眼辣椒等各種香料調製而成的醬料,一般用來作為煎炸食品的配醬。 憑著其獨特的辣味,它在許多地方例如東南亞等廣受喜愛。當然,除了擁有大量豐富的口味例如香茅、芒果調味之外,您亦可以根據自己的喜好,使用不同的食材去獲得最適合個人的味道!


日期 Date:23/6/2022 (Thursday)
時間 Time :1930-2100 (1.5hr)
地點 Venue : 觀塘 Kwun Tong
語言 Language:English
名額 Quota :8人/ppl
(費用已包導師費及材料費 Ingredients included and 130g~ chilli sauce each)

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A Dummy’s Guide to Myanmar 下一站 緬甸!

What do you think of when you think of Myanmar? The magnificent relics of Buddhist temples? Or its multi-billion-dollar Jade Industry?

Perhaps Myanmar is not on your travel bucket list, or maybe it’s just a mysterious land filled with Buddhist Monks to you, but it turns out that both Myanmar and Hong Kong were once British colonies, and the two places not only have close ties but also retain a great deal of British colonial architecture. Myanmar has also recently been a hot topic in the media due to its political instability, causing social unrest and civil wars.

In this workshop, our guests, Min, Myo, Kyaw and Wai Yan, will introduce the landmarks and characteristics of all the Myanmar states from the perspective of Burmese in Hong Kong, while also sharing their experiences and personal stories in Myanmar in the last 2 years.

Join us now to learn more about Myanmar and its current situation. Get our exclusive “Myanmar Travel Tips”, and become a “Smart” tourist in Myanmar! Maybe we’ll see you in Myanmar once the pandemic subsides!



也許緬甸不在你們的旅行Bucket List”,也許對你們而言緬甸只是一個神秘的「僧侶之國」,但原來歷史上緬甸和香港都曾屬英國殖民地,兩地不但關係密切,更同樣地保留了大量英式殖民地建築。緬甸不穩的政局而導致的社會動盪和内戰,亦令緬甸最近成為了熱門的國際議題。而我們的嘉賓Min, Myo, Kyaw和Wai Yan,會以在港緬甸人的視角在今次工作坊帶你探索緬甸各省邦的名勝及風土人情,更會分享他們過去兩年在緬甸生活的點滴和經歷。


日期 Date:30/6/2022 (Thursday)
時間 Time :2000-2130 (1.5hr)?
地點 Venue : 觀塘 Kwun Tong/
語言 Language:English
名額 Quota :10人/ppl

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