Dialogue: Is it Just an Earthquake?  

Dialogue: Is it Just an Earthquake?

Our Turkish guests will share about the reality of living in Turkey, the possible reasons behind the high death rate after the recent earthquake and how this disaster may impact future experiences for people living in Turkey. Our guests will raise various concerns that the Turkish community has and share how Hong Kong people can provide help to their families and friends back at home.

In ICE, we aim to facilitate understanding between cultures and communities through authentic dialogue. We are holding a special workshop discussing the latest situation in Turkey and providing different perspectives on the earthquake.


日期Date:18/3/2023 (Sat)
時間Time:1700 – 1830
語言Language: English
對象Audience: Secondary school students
形式 Format: Online
報名Register Link: https://iceturkeyearthquake.eventbrite.hk

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