Explore Egypt 探索埃及🇪🇬

宅遊埃及🇪🇬 The Armchair Traveller – Egypt

有沒有想過去埃及旅遊但卻不去看金字塔?甚至不去遊覽埃及的首都-開羅,而去參觀其他歷史悠久的城市?在這個虛擬的旅程中,我們將帶大家從白雪皚皚的西奈山峰開始出發,聖經故事中的摩西正是在這裡收到了十誡。你還知道埃及其實有如水晶般清澈的海水嗎?埃及的哈卜藍洞被名為「潛水員公墓」,是世界十大危險的潛水之地。想知道更多其他不為人知的埃及故事和長達7000年的歷史? 記得登記宅遊埃及🇪🇬 的活動!

Ever thought of visiting Egypt and NOT seeing the Great Pyramids? What if you didn’t even go to Cairo at all, and just visited Egypt’s other historic regions such as Alexandria, Sinai, and Luxor? Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea. In this virtual tour, we’ll work our way down from the snowy peaks of Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments to the crystal-clear waters of Dahab’s blue hole–nicknamed the “Diver’s Cemetery” for its notorious history, and explore the many other untold stories of Egypt’s 7000+ year history.

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