Explore Indonesia 探索印尼🇮🇩

宅遊世界印尼篇 🇮🇩 The Armchair Traveller – Indonesia 你知道印尼有分三個時區—例如首都雅加達採用印尼西部時間,峇里島用印尼中部時嗎?五月,我們會帶你暢遊這顆「在赤道上的翡翠」,橫跨三個時區,探索當中獨有文化丶風景宜人的地方。 Do you know that Indonesia is divided into three time zones; the capital city Jakarta, uses the western Indonesian time zone, while Bali uses the Central Indonesian time zone? This month, we will bring you to places across all 3 time zones in “Emerald of the Equator” and Read more about Explore Indonesia 探索印尼🇮🇩[…]

Explore Egypt 探索埃及🇪🇬

宅遊埃及🇪🇬 The Armchair Traveller – Egypt 有沒有想過去埃及旅遊但卻不去看金字塔?甚至不去遊覽埃及的首都-開羅,而去參觀其他歷史悠久的城市?在這個虛擬的旅程中,我們將帶大家從白雪皚皚的西奈山峰開始出發,聖經故事中的摩西正是在這裡收到了十誡。你還知道埃及其實有如水晶般清澈的海水嗎?埃及的哈卜藍洞被名為「潛水員公墓」,是世界十大危險的潛水之地。想知道更多其他不為人知的埃及故事和長達7000年的歷史? 記得登記宅遊埃及🇪🇬 的活動! Ever thought of visiting Egypt and NOT seeing the Great Pyramids? What if you didn’t even go to Cairo at all, and just visited Egypt’s other historic regions such as Alexandria, Sinai, and Luxor? Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea. In this virtual tour, we’ll Read more about Explore Egypt 探索埃及🇪🇬[…]

【Workplace gender discrimination in Korea】

Despite the higher level of educational attainment among South Korean women, fewer job opportunities and promotions are given. In 2018, only 3.6% of executives at the top 500 companies by sales were women. On top of women’s employment, Korea ranked 30 in 36 OECD nations. Apart from statistics, there are some concrete examples in their Read more about 【Workplace gender discrimination in Korea】[…]

Explore Korea 探索韓國🇰🇷

In the spirit of resolutions and new beginnings, what better way to usher in a fresh calendar year than by slotting in a vacation? As the year transitions, from language lab to dance class, ICE has prepared a series of events for you to learn more about Korea and its culture! How could you miss Read more about Explore Korea 探索韓國🇰🇷[…]

Explore France 探索法國🇫🇷

Travel to France with us without leaving your home!  晚間聊天室 Fika ClubMulticultural French Christmas Date: 22 December (Tuesday)Time: 20:00 – 21:00 (HKT) Christmas is just round the corner and what better way to get into the festive mood than to join our guests and learn about how the holiday is celebrated in France! Is there Read more about Explore France 探索法國🇫🇷[…]

Explore Poland 探索波蘭🇵🇱

Travel to Poland with us without leaving your home!  晨間聊天室 Fika ClubThe Past and Present Poland 28 November (Saturday) 10-11am (HKT) The Independence Day on 11 November marks the return of Poland as a country after 123 years of partitions. Join us as we discuss how the Polish society changed during WW2 and communism era. Read more about Explore Poland 探索波蘭🇵🇱[…]

Explore Germany 探索德國🇩🇪

Travel to Germany with us without leaving your home!  晨間聊天室 Fika ClubNational identity and being “German” 25 October (Sunday) 10-11am (HKT)  It does not sound like a relaxing and light-hearted topic, but let’s chat about national identity and what it means to be “German”. This country has a lot of historical baggage, but is also Read more about Explore Germany 探索德國🇩🇪[…]